// History

In the early 1970s, the Veloudios family founded “Eleana” hotel in the town of Tinos. “Eleana” is a family business that has passed down to the 3rd generation. Shortly before its 50 years of operation, the hotel is being reconstructed acquainting a more modern shape aiming to offer an invigorating accommodation, modern design and perfect hospitality to all travelers. “Eleana” is changing only its appearance though, and not its philosophy.

// Philosophy

Our family’s concern over the years has been the high level of hospitality! We want people, who trust us, to feel intimacy, immediacy in service and the comfort they feel in their own home!

We also want our guests to love our beautiful island! To explore it the way we still do to this day, making unforgettable summer memories. Tinos hides many secrets and it takes time to get to know it. We hope to make you create beautiful memories through our hospitality, to come back to us & love our place like it’s yours!

// Explore

Tinos is the fourth largest island in the Cyclades. It has 62 villages, out of which, the most popular are Pyrgos, Ysternia, Dyo-Choria, Volax and Kardiani.

It has beautiful golden beaches like Apigania, Agios Romanos, Rochari, Agios Sostis, Agios Fokas, Kalivia and Kionia. Other popular beaches are Kolympithra (also known as the beach of the surfers), Lychnaftia, Santa Margarita and Agios Markos (ideal for windy days).

Apart from the period of the 15th of August, people visit Tinos on the 23rd of July (The celebration of Agia Pelagia) , 30th of January (The “Evresis” (finding)/Fanarakia (lanterns)) , the 23rd of August (Novena of Virgin Mary) , Easter.

// Local Products

The products of Tinos are fruit and vegetables, with the main representative being the wild artichoke, grown in the valley of Komi (meadow). Native bushy plants such as capers, mushrooms, dittany, thyme, oregano, prickly pears, sage, chamomile and all kinds of herbal infusions grow on the island. Dairy products like Tinos’ cheese, “petroma” (unsalted cheese), Tinos’ “kopanisti” and graviera (product of protected designation of origin), anthotyro, malathouni and pasteurized milk are produced in the cheese factory of Tinos. There is also the thyme-honey and the “rose” grape. The local “raki”, which is light and of excellent quality, always accompanies the social events of the residents. Unique mezedes of every festive table are “louza” – ham roasted in the sun and combined with spices, Tinos sausage and “skordato”. Sun dried tomatoes and caper are never absent from any table in Tinos, being the main ingredients of several traditional recipes. The last acquisition is the oil mill, which gives to the people of Tinos pure virgin olive oil. Also, mainly during Easter, the patisseries of the island produce “amygdalota” (almond cookies), the famous sweet cheese pies, “kserotigana” (fried dough stripes), skaltsounia, mpezedes, loukoumia etc.

Over the last few years, the residents of the island join forces to create a celebration in order to make the rich gastronomy of the island more popular, called Tinos Food Paths.